Unheardwords of Writers of Colour

Shared: selection of 10 Poetic Contributions

Honey Child - Marilyn Fairley Honey Child by Marilyn Fairley
Sister girl, you know the truth." The older telling the younger woman the way it shouldn't be.

Go Down Easy - Maria G Go Down Easy by Maria G
They remain stuck tip of tongue
As I know when I need,
want, cling,
You let me down hard,
fast, cruelly,

The Extreme Sport by Allison Mitchell
The Extreme Sport - by Allison Mitchell When last you drive
pun dese roads?
Get behind dat wheel
an' yuh takin' yuh life
in yuh own hands.

Bradford 1968 - Sheree Mack Bradford 1968 by Sheree Mack
...then there's the reality of love...Pulling in punters with thumping bass and seamless vibes, material heard nowhere else in the coloured crowd...

Breakfast by Kamah Alicia Scott
Breakfast - Kamah Alicia Scott Then your words struck
and we'd spin
Both of us
in separate fantasies

A Likeness Bearing No Essence by Alfreda Darden
A Likeness Bearing No Essence
- Alfreda  Darden its only resemblance is its shell
the true sanity lives in a hell
destined to be free

Sliver of Light by Sanjulo
Sliver of Light - Sanjulo gonna sit down one day
and write a poem
abt loving

REDEYE by Miss M Calame-Bruce
Redeye -  Miss M Calame-Bruce Dust for dust,
In exchange for his soul.
Haf fi get what 'im want fi get,
before the sunsets.

GUNSHOT by Karen Plumb
Gunshot - Karen plumb Time's over before it's begun
2 lives for the price of 1
Who's job to measure the loss,
Weighin' up heartache
Counting the cost?

A Kid by Suzanne Flynn
a kid - suzanne flynn remember, WHEN
You adapted, your school
And wouldn't wear the clothes
you were bought