Unheardwords of Writers of Colour

Featured: selection of 10 Creative Contributions

Our History - Diana Hartman Our History by Diana Hartman
"Discovering what's most important, in unusual ways."

Writing Can Change Your Life by Isabel Adonis
Writing Can Change Your Life -  Isabel Adonis Writing became a transformative act. It was changing me, not by me doing anything in particular but just by looking at what I was like.

slam boom crash - wolf larsen SLAM! BOOM! CRASH! by Wolf Larsen
"I can say that I was impressed by the style, innovation and freshness of the writing..."

a special kind of hunger - JacquieR A Special Kind of Hunger by JacquieR
"The debute novel interweaves narratives to explore themes of identify, loss, belonging and the meaning of success."

loveless - Jacob 'biscuit' Whittingham L.O.V.E.L.E.S.S. by Jacob 'biscuit' Whittingham
The lyricists are talented. The tunes are hype. But I am tired of the content. I'm waiting for a different sound.

dear community Dear Community by Everton Coles
What you started has so much civil right it inspires determined pursuit. So I must strive to find my role and redouble my efforts to serve you all.

Eulogy of "The Ex-wife" by Marilyn C Fairley
We shall never forget the many sacrifices you bore, Nor the heartache you endured in search of much more.

The End of the Colour Line? - Ursula Troche The End of the Colour Line? by Ursula Troche
Yet we still live in these 'coloured' boundaries. And, I’m asking myself where exactly the boundary is between one colour and another?

Family History - Personal Reflections - Scherin Barlow Massay Family History - Personal Reflections (part 2)
by Scherin Barlow Massay
Most of the information I gleaned about my past came from female family members. It appears that in caring for and raising children, we can also nurture their identities through oral history.

Legacy, Progress, Today and Yesterday by Khome
Legacy, Progress, Today and Yesterday ..some bizarre form of reversal's taking place. Maybe from, cold old brothers- the scene on porches -singing the blues, to new soul brothers rapping drugs, money and guns.