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Eulogy of The Ex-wife - Marilyn C. Fairley

Featured: Eulogy of "The Ex-wife"

On this present day we bid farewell to the ex-wife,

We will like to thank you for the many years of struggles, toils, tears and strife.

It was because of your endurance that many sustained,
And please rest assure that your patronage shall follow your good name.

We shall never forget the many sacrifices you bore,

Nor the heartache you endured in search of much more.

More love, more respect, more honor and not to mention,
More understanding, more communication, and lastly my dear...
more attention.

We recognize that you invested above and beyond, You gave of your love, dedication and loyalty...until there was none.

Gray strands now lie throughout your entire head, Varicose veins, stretch marks...not one, but both legs.

Those tight thighs which once held him nigh to your breast, Now ache from the many years of standing the test.

Those forty extra pounds will most definitely be noted,
It was depression that drove you to the candy bars...preferably chocolate coated.

We hold true that you no longer have the strength to bicker,
And that your libido has gone from a fiery flame to a flicker.

We all agree that the many years of neglect have left you bitter and broken,   And that your wedding picture covered in dust, is now no more than a token.

A token of broken vows, lies and deceit,
A token of mistakes you vow to never repeat.

We can relate to why you chose to act in such a manner, You simply got tired of holding up the "blood stained banner".

We esteem your tenacity to get out there and compete, And how you relinquished your pride just to make ends meet.

We shall not overlook your patience nor dismiss your right to nag, Especially since you were responsible for carrying the entire bag.

We give you our blessings as he starts his new life, With a much slender, younger and vibrant new wife.

We will never forget that it was you and your relentless might, That carried him through those dark turbulent howling nights.

It was your love for your family that kept you from going astray, And we saw how he capitalized from it...day after day.

We can only hope that you can one day find peace, And the sorrow you now feel, you’ll be able to release.

And not look back on the wasted time, But instead, look forward...with a new beginning in mind.

And try not to be hurt, but simply let it go, And find comfort in the words, "he shall reap what he sew".

We thank you for being there, for holding on to the end, We thank you for only wanting to be his best friend.

It is our belief that one day when his sight grows dim, He will then realize what you truly meant to him.

He will ask your forgiveness and let out a screeeeeeeching moan, When he realizes that the best thing he ever had is… always and forever gone.

© Marilyn C. Fairley, June 2010 (all rights reserved)