Unheardwords of Writers of Colour

Editorial: selection of 10 articles

Like Water to a Thirsty Man by Ha, Spirit
like water to a thirsty man When I’m not writing, reading, meditating, I've spent time listening to author interviews...I’m always keen to find out what motivated them early on in their lives...

Investigating Crime Fiction by Khome
investigating crime fiction Through a careful selection of novels (six) the programme traced the emergence of modern crime fiction by black British (origin or resident) authors.

Thinking of Place by Emma Hopkins
A place to think makes an Endless List interests of mine that urge me to bring to life the importance of place, race and character.

right hip hop - verbswish The Right Kind of Hip-hop by VerbSwish
As many of you know I remain passionate about hip-hop (the right kind of hip-hop that is).

In 1992 Urban Fiction Began by Khome
in 1992 urban fiction began A first encounters with the stylised form that was to become UK Urban Fiction...

A Ghetto of Words by Minista Paul Scott
Urban fiction verses literature.

Tales from a Pirate Chest by Petronela Breinburg
petronella breinburg - tales from a pirate chest To be honest, a Pirate Chest was where it all began, where the seed which would later develop into Petrojass Publications, was sown.

Amazonian Angst by KrPoet
amazonian angst - krPoet A personal parental view on the realities of black youth and the British Criminal Justice System.

Finding Your Book in a Sea of Content   (part 2) by Khome
Concise advice for new authors. You’ve written, you’re writing or you’ve published a book. On the plus side, you should be pleased with yourself; on the not-so-plus side, the books are stacked to the virtual ceilings.

Where Are The Black British Novels? by Khome
black british literature After much consideration of the sense of ‘literary longing’ I realised I was actually longing for books written by black authors that reflect the experience of being black and living in Britain.