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Joanne C Hillhouse with grace by joanne hillhouse - unheardwords community With Grace: Grace loves her home above the village, above the whole island. All her trees are lush and full of ripe fruits, except for one at the far end of the land which she dislikes. And, it's from this sad tree that Grace 'generously' allows a smiling, barefoot girl to pick.
"Writing is how I engage with the world, and while it is not just emotional impulse, it can be an emotional release...'With Grace', I was blindsided by a negative encounter...taking up entirely too much mental space. While the circumstances in the story are fictional, 'With Grace' came out of my desire to purge those feelings...I’m happy that a character so full of grace emerged, like sunshine chasing out the negativity." Joanne Hillhouse.

Painted Face of Inspiration

leake street - artists - face paint

This is to inspire my dear contributor, poet, singer and songwriter, Suzanne;
Who in 2017 I'm hoping will produce a few more songs. A fav cover of Thom Yorke's 'Signals' can be listened to at soundcloud.com/suzyflynnsongs/signals.

Felicia Pride falicia pride - unheardwords community Former editor of "The Backlist", a literary publishing newsletter originating from an African American perspective; Falicia continues to be a creative media force for good.

adelaide damoah - unheardwords community Adelaide Damoah - Artist A British artist and writer of Ghanaian descent who continues to produce striking works of art, blending African and Western influences.

Jess Mowry jess mowry - unheardwords community Author of several books about black kids and teens; and insightful site with useful advice and guidance for fellow writers.

Crossroads with Vincent (find out more) art angle - crossroads with vincent An ambituous sound and wordscape project - download and listen-up - not sure it all works but hey, innovation and creativity make for pleasing bed fellows.

Norman Samuda Smith (Trailer) Read Extract) norman samuda smith - unheardwords community Our interview with Norman Samuda Smith: in the 1980's Norman Samuda Smith sought to capture the lives and times of those living in his local community; with the relaunch of his book, 'Bad Friday'; we interviewed Norman to eastablish a little more of the background.

Young Creative Future Historians
young creatives and future historians Organised Youth; a group of young photographers, filmmakers, curators brought together by Photofusion’s Community Programme to create a visual, oral history archive of stories of the British Black Panther Movement.

No ID Season 3 young creatives and future historians A Short by Émile (NOIDS3); no id season 3 an online drama series, intense look at university, from the perspective of students at various stages of their academic lives. Season 1 (2010) life outside of Uni. Second season (2012) higher production values; focus on lives within University. Third Season (2014) mixes the inner and outer worlds of the students, exploring lives of the less popular individuals (the hipsters, the introverts, and those hype-beasts). Filmed across London, in the last two years No ID has become a platform for actors and actresses.

Sable Lit sable lit - unheardwords community With a post digital history as a magazine, SableLit's umbrella has now opened out to encompass a social enterprise for creativity and collaboration.

art official media Art Official Media
Founded in 2005, AOF are the publishers of urban books and art media with illustrations that depict an urban perspective.