Unheardwords of Writers of Colour

About Us

Welcome to Unheardwords.

It all began in 2004 with the aim of creating a fresh channel for new unheard (because for some it isn’t easy to get the opportunity) writing.

about us - unheardwords

Along the way we focused on a mission, to encouraging new writing from new writers of Colour.

By 2011 it was clear that the means to be heard were flourishing. The opportunity for the writer had never been greater (social means and conditions permitting) but this hadn’t addressed the issue of HOW to distinguish yourself and get noticed.

about us - unheardwords

How, as a new writer, to get your words to stand out from the multi-media crowd?

2012 brought a change of tone to UnheardWords. Our core aim remained the same - to encourage, advise and support new writers and new writing - only with a slight change of emphasis; we're sought to place a spotlight on particular individuals and writing. To create a platform from which the unheard could project themselves and their work.

about us - unheardwords

Into 2015 and beyond we've become a space that lives on to showcase the endavour, what we sincerely hope has been ten highly creative, supporting and encouraging years at unheardwords.

A collaborative community.  See a selection of those who've been a part of our community, along with some emergent stars...more.